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History & Culture

Jack Conrad was one of the victims of the Thibodaux Massacre who lived to tell the true story of what happened in 1887. Jack Conrad was a Union Soldier, and the details about the Thibodaux Massacre are in his pension file. John DeSantis used this pension file in part to write his book, Thibodaux Massacre: Racial Violence and the 1887 Sugar Cane Strike. The family of Jack Conrad is giving his voice and his memory a platform to tell his story.

We are excited to announce that Phase I of the Jack Conrad Thibodaux Massacre Memorial is beginning this fall! Please help us to create this historical attraction for the city of Thibodaux.

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Memory Garden

President, Tracey Thibodeaux

Our Mission

The Jack Conrad Thibodaux Massacre Foundation was founded in 2018 to educate Louisianians and Americans about the Thibodaux Massacre and its impact on history in Thibodaux and the surrounding parishes. The Foundation seeks to remember the victims of the massacre, while giving a voice to descendants and citizens of Thibodaux. The Foundation also seeks to enrich the history of Thibodaux through education, scholarship and art.

The Museum provides a space for public discourse to examine the role of specific issues related to the massacre such as racial injustice, and labor economics, particularly from the African American communities of the surrounding parishes.

Director, Tracey Thibodeaux

Our Staff

Tours & Workshops

Heritage Tours

We have several tours to teach about Louisiana heritage and history. Explore the Jack Conrad Thibodaux Massacre Tour, Jazz Legends of New Orleans, and Historically Black neighborhoods of New Orleans.

Genealogy Workshops

We focus on genealogy for African Americans in the Deep South. This workshop introduces the participant to Plantation records, Church records, and official identity documents.

Mardi Gras Indian Beading

Our artists have expertise in Mardi Gras masking and beading. We teach different levels, from children to adults.


It’s important to tell the true story of the Thibodaux Massacre because not everyone knows the truth and it’s important for the people who do know the true story to spread that truth.

— Bria Sylvester

Jack Conrad Scholar

The story of Mr. Jack Conrad was an eye opener to me that there is more to our past than just our parents and grandparents. If we dig deeper we could find that our ancestors were just as strong and brave as Jack Conrad.

— Harmony Bienemy

Jack Conrad Scholar


New Orleans, LA